Emergency services were called to Little Hereford this afternoon after a vehicle had left the A456 and ended up in a stream.

A spokesperson for Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (Tenbury Fire Station) said:

“At 1433 today, we were mobilised to an RTC Make Safe in Little Hereford. Additional information from Fire Control was that fuel was potentially leaking into the water course.

“On arrival we discovered a 4×4 had left the road and ended up on its roof in a brook and was leaking oil into the water. All occupants were safely out of the vehicle when we arrived.

“As soon as the scene safety aspect of our approach was completed, crews donned water awareness ppe and utilised the contents of our Environmental Grab Bag – filling a yellow boom in order to prevent any fluids moving out of our cordon. Whilst this was happening the location of the oil leak was located and a putty was used to stop any further leak.

“Once the OIC (Officer In Charge) was happy, the vehicle recovery company used a crane to remove the vehicle.

“A secondary boom, using our hose inflation kit, was put in place in case any oil managed to pass through our dam and to catch any of the initial leaked oil.

“Absorbent mats were used to collect as much of the oil as possible once the vehicle was put onto the flatbed lorry.

“During this time the A456 was temporarily closed to ensure the safety of those working in the area.”