A suspected case of Alabama Rot has been reported in our neck of the woods, in the south of the county near Ross-on-Wye.

Alabama Rot is a disease that damages blood vessels in the skin and kidney and can be fatal.

If you walk your dog in muddy, wooded areas of the county please look out for:

*Lesions or ulcers on the skin. These could appear as a patch of red skin, or as an open ulcer or sore most commonly found on a dog’s paws or lower legs, but they can also be found on a dog’s face, mouth or tongue, or on their lower body
*Signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, tiredness and vomiting.

If your dog is unwell or exhibiting the above symptoms please contact your vet as soon as possible as early treatment can save an otherwise fit and healthy animal.

A post shared by Raw Dogg said:

“Warning Please Read! Alabama Rot.

“We have been aware of issues of this nature from other customers but please read this from one of our regulars.

“Just to let people know that my dog has been ill with suspected Alabama Rot. The reason I say suspected is because you cannot be 100% sure unless the kidneys are biopsied post mortem.

“Luckily my boy pulled through – one of only 10% that do!

“We always walk in the Lea Bailey Enclosure. Please make sure you wash your dogs off after having been walked.”