A decision on whether a planning application for a McDonald’s Drive Thru on the outskirts of Ross-on-Wye is approved is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

Herefordshire Council has received a wide range of opposition to the plans, including from Ross-on-Wye Town Council, but is also support for the Drive Thru, from a number of residents in the town.

A spokesperson for Ross-on-Wye Town Council said:

“Ross-on-Wye Town Council have considered the amended documentation and would like to confirm that the objections made previously still stand. In addition, the Town Council is extremely concerned about the adverse impact this application would have on town centre retail. There are also significant issues regarding pedestrian safety, particularly children from John Kyrle High School.”

However, Mr Beaumont who lives in Ross-on-Wye doesn’t agree with the Town Council and said the following in his letter of support:

“It will be great to have a local McDonald’s, not only for convenience but also for more jobs for our ever growing town.”

Ms Brooker, who lives near Ross-on-Wye said:

“Wholeheartedly support this application so that people do not have to drive so far to the nearest McDonalds.”

If given the go-ahead, the Drive Thru restaurant is proposed to create 30 full time jobs and 90 part time jobs.

The opening hours listed on the planning application are from 6am-midnight daily.