COVID-19 cases are starting to rise again in Herefordshire, with 11 new cases recorded today. However, the COVID-19 infection rate remains fairly low, with 17.6 cases per 100,000 population recorded in the week ending 3rd June.

Infection rates across parts of England are rising, with Greater Manchester and Lancashire given extra support for surge testing and other measures today by the government, following a sharp rise in cases of the Delta variant.

Cases of the Delta variant are also be widely recorded across other parts of the United Kingdom, but it is the North West of England that is seeing the most cases at present. The increase in cases of the Delta variant has led to some politicians and scientists suggesting that the relaxation of restrictions could be delayed to a later date than the current 21st June.

However, those in industries such as the wedding industry will be keen for restrictions to be relaxed, with many events planned based on restrictions being relaxed on 21st June.

In data ending 3rd June, Herefordshire’s COVID-19 infection rate has risen slightly to 17.6 cases per 100,000 population, mainly due to an increase in cases in the following areas:

Fownhope, Tarrington & Marcle (11 new cases) – Infection rate of 160.3 cases per 100,000 population.

Ledbury (10 new cases) – Infection rate of 99.5 cases per 100,000 population.

The areas that recorded fewer than three new cases in the seven day period ending 3rd June were:

Bromyard & Bishop’s Frome

Hereford Central

Hereford North West

Kingstone & Kingsthorne

Leominster North

Leominster South

Hereford North East

Shobdon, Luston & Bodenham

Wigmore, Orleton & Brimfield

Penyard, Llangarron & Goodrich

Kington, Eardisley & Staunton

Credenhill, Weobley & Wellington

Belmont, Madley & Clehonger

Hereford South

Hereford East

Colwall, Cradley & Wellington Heath


Golden Valley