Latest data issued by NHS England shows that despite COVID-19 cases increasing over the past couple of weeks in Herefordshire, hospitalisations still remain at zero, with the last patient being admitted to hospital in Herefordshire with COVID-19 on 13th May, almost a month ago. (Please note, data released by NHS England is up to 6th June 2021)

The data (Up until 6th June), is a good indication that the vaccination process is beginning to work wonders, with the vast majority of new cases of COVID-19 in Herefordshire being recorded in younger age groups. Very few cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in those aged 65+ in recent weeks.

Numbers in hospital overall in the UK have risen, but not at the alarming rate they did at the start and end of last year, further indication that the rollout of the vaccines is proving a huge success and limiting the severity of the disease in those that have received the vaccine.

This all comes as rumours persist that the government could delay further reopening by up to four weeks, to get further information on the Delta variant, which Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed is now making up 91% of all cases recorded in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson therefore has a tough decision. Any delay to reopening is likely to be painful for sectors that have waited so long and there have been rumours that even if there is a delay, an exception may be given so that wedding venues can host more guests (currently limited to 30).

The wedding sector has been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and there are concerns that if there was to be a delay, it would impact on a number of other sectors that supply the industry.

Boris Johnson is currently meeting other world leaders at the G7 Conference in Cornwall, but is expected to make a decision on restrictions on Sunday, before making a statement to parliament on Monday.