A Herefordshire Councillor has astounded fellow councillors and people watching by dressing up as a hedgehog at today’s annual council meeting at the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford.

Councillor Yolande Watson, a member of the Independents for Herefordshire, dressed as a hedgehog for this afternoons meeting with many left astounded.

At the meeting, Cllr Watson stated that she was dressed as a hedgehog as she felt prickly at having to be present in person to be able to vote. This change is due to a high court ruling with judges deciding that physical presence was required for voting. Cllr Watson said that Herefordshire Council would have to pay for the room the meeting was held in and that councillors would be claiming expenses and stated that it was a waste of taxpayers money when these meetings could be held remotely on Zoom.

You can view the meeting – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GEmFtUKlZfQ&feature=youtu.be