Herefordshire Council is still actively looking at options for additional river crossings in Hereford.

Cllr John Harrington (Infrastructure & Transport) has replied to concerned members of the public explaining that a transport review is set to place imminently and that climate emergency declarations and carbon emission targets will be at the heart of any decisions that are made.

Any decision will also make sure that additional walking, cycling and bus routes are included.

Herefordshire Council meets at 2pm to discuss the transport measures that have already been put in place across the council to support social distancing, following funding from the government. There has been a major backlash, particularly in Hereford, where the Old Bridge has been closed to motorists, leaving just one river crossing in the city for vehicles.

A local businessman yesterday targeted the council offices at Plough Lane with ‚Äėcrime scene‚Äô tape. The businessman accused the council of making decisions that were ‚Äėcrimes against the community‚Äô and that they needed to backtrack immediately.