Hereford fans that travelled to Wembley for the FA Trophy Final may have come across a supermarket that’s quite a different experience to what customers get back at home.

The Amazon Fresh store at Wembley is one of just four such stores in the United Kingdom at present and offers a contactless experience where you simply scan your Amazon Card or App, do your shopping and leave the building. You don’t need to pay for your shopping on site as Amazon will simply send your a receipt and take the money from your account.

One Hereford fan told us that he felt like he had ‘robbed the store’ by simply walking out with his shopping without having to visit a checkout. Maybe this is the future?

What are Amazon Fresh stores?

Amazon Fresh is the first convenience grocery store to offer Just Walk Out Technology in the UK. They offer a mix of everyday essentials, local favourites and seasonal items they think you’ll want and love, all at great prices. They’re also excited to offer delicious ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meals.

Could one open soon in Hereford? Unlikely at present with the company stating that they currently only have plans to open further stores in the Greater London area, however you’d imagine that if these are a success, that further stores will be opened across other areas of the United Kingdom.