The famous logo of Hereford’s Bartonsham Dairy may no longer be seen on shop shelves.

The farm off Green Street in Hereford has been a famous name within the county for 150 years but has now been taken over. Cotteswold Dairy said they will be working with local farms and suppliers in Hereford and the surrounding area.

This came, according to a statement, after “Bartonsham Dairy changed hands to Cotteswold Dairy”.

Milk cartons bearing the name of Bartonsham Dairy have now disappeared from one newsagent close to the Hereford farm and been replaced by ones with the Cotteswold name.

Meanwhile, vans with the name of Cotteswold have been seen coming and going from the site this week. It is not yet known if all milk production has stopped at Bartonsham or what the future holds for the site of the riverside farm. But Cotteswold, who give a Tewkesbury address on their website, say people “can be sure that they will still receive fresh and local produce”.