Members of the Hereford Community Clean Up Group have taken the decision not to clear weeds across the city, stating that businesses and the local council need to do more to help improve the look of the city.

Emma Jones from the group said:

“This group has been going for three years now and during this time over the past two years we have weeded and cleaned up outside Heineken.

“Well I’ve decided as a group that this year we will not be doing it. I’ve made a difficult decision that as a group we should step back from weeding. Businesses should be doing their part in keeping their frontages clean and tidy and the council needs to do more, spraying would make a huge difference.

“For a small group of volunteers the amount of weeds around the city is just beyond what we can manage, as they are everywhere. Particularly bad around railing, gutters, bus shelters and in front of the old eye hospital. They make the city look neglected and I personally think they have a huge impact on people’s mental health.

“The only way now to deal with the overwhelming amount of weeds is to complain to your local councillor, the more complaints they get, the more chance there is that they might do something about it.

“ I hope you all understand. We will continue with litter picking, cleaning signs and smaller scale clean ups. Thank you.”