College students that attend the Herefordshire & Ludlow College have emailed us to spread the news about how their tutors have been supporting them during the lockdown.

In particular, a huge thank you goes to two tutors from the Travel and Tourism course. Students Ola Pardo and Lilly Hughes have said that tutors Lizzie and Charlotte have been so supportive and they have even spent their own money to drop off parcels to every single one of their students with goodies to ‘turn their frowns upside down’.

They have also planned a quiz for the students to take part in tomorrow evening.

Ola said: “Choosing the Travel and Tourism course has been one of my proudest moments. I have come so far in two years and I am excited for the new beginnings with the help of my tutor and my teacher.”

Lilly said: “They have made us all feel so cared for and they are organising a quiz for us on Wednesday night for all their students so we all can have a laugh and try enjoy this unfortunate situation as much as we can. I 100% recommended this course to anyone thinking about college as it has so many different opportunities and the tutors are absolutely amazing!”