Close to 10,000 people have now signed a petition with the aim of getting a binman who kicked a snowman’s head off in Hereford his job back.

Callum Woodhouse, an agency worker, was informed by his employer that he will not be used again for work involving Herefordshire Council, after the incident in Hereford last week.

A petition on reads: “The guy worked throughout the whole pandemic, risking his own wellbeing and that’s what he gets?!

“And for what, a pile of snow.. grow up and give the man his job back!

“Might be you next, if you step in a puddle that might be that snowman’s passed cousin and you’re sacked! No income in times like this, shame on you!”

Some of the comments supporting the calls for Mr Woodhouse to get his job back say:

J No: “Imagine firing a key worker in the middle of a pandemic because they kicked a snowman. Utterly ridiculous, those parents should be ashamed of what they have caused. Sounds like they are very entitled and most likely raising their child to be a spoilt brat.”

Richard Smith: “What an utterly ridiculous overreaction to fire a man for kicking over a snowman, especially in the middle of a pandemic. The family should be ashamed of themselves.”

Rauri Wargent: “This is completely an utter ridiculous, what next sacked for kicking a puddle.”

Herefordshire Council released a short statement over the weekend saying:

“We understand the interest in the recent news coverage. We are unable to comment as the person was employed by our waste contractor, who are handling the matter in accordance with their HR policies.”

You can view the petition by visiting – Petition · Herefordshire Council: Give the binman his job back! ·