Children and adults with disabilities or special needs are being invited to ride May Fair rides at Leominster May Fair for FREE, in a wonderful gesture by the organisers. 

A post on Facebook earlier today said:


“We the Morris Family of Leominster May Fair would like to invite Children and adults with any special needs, disability conditions to have the freedom of Leominster May Fair on Friday 28th April at 10.30am where you can have free candy Floss and experience the May Fair rides for free.

“As our late Dad Abie Morris who is not with us anymore started this over 40 years ago and was the fun fair organiser, the family would like to keep this tradition going.

“This is always a special event for us and we would love to see as many people as possible come along and let their hair down and have fun at the May fair and experience the rides with old and new friends and meet us.

“We want people to come from all parts of Herefordshire within 20 miles radius.

“All children must be accompanied by a parent, minder, and carer along with any adult that needs support.

“This invitation goes out to Children or Adults living at home with parents, schools and care home providers.

“We can’t wait to see you all.

“If you want to leave any feedback or Photos of your experience at the event, then please email or”