Wye Valley NHS Trust Umbrella Charity have shared this brilliant letter that they received from a young lad called Charlie. ????

Dear NHS

I wanted to do this run because it started off by maybe doing a mile round the garden and then I had an idea to raise money for you.

Since the very first day that I started the run I was very nervous because I had never run long distances before. My time on the very first run was 42 mins and my last run was 25 mins 39 sec so it was a big improvement. I wanted to do this so it helps stop the Covid-19 from spreading because I really want it to be over before I go into Year 5. I also wanted to help by getting you new kits to wear to keep you protected.

Thank you again for all your love and support. I have raised £928 (with gift aid)

It was very difficult and I wouldn’t recommend doing it again because it was so hard.

The idea for the run made me feel excited that I could do something to raise money for the NHS. It also gave me an excuse to miss home schooling for a bit!

Yours sincerely

Charlie George Botwright
Age 9