There will be a Candle Lit Vigil for those lost to COVID-19 in the grounds of Hereford Cathedral on 23rd December 2021 at 7pm and on zoom for those that are unable to attend in person. This will coincide with nationwide vigils in memory of those who have died during the on-going pandemic by members of the Covid19familiesUK network.

The organisers are asking that people take LED or battery candles, not naked flames, as well as a A4 photo of the loved one they have lost to COVID-19 for the event. There will be a choir performing on arrival and the vigil will begin at 7pm, as will other events in London, Wales and Scotland. Those attending will hear the personal stories of two people who have lost loved ones to COVID, information on a proposed memorial for loved ones and the name of each and everyone lost to this horrific virus for a Herefordshire resident will be read out.

There will be a chance afterwards for those affected to introduce themselves to each other, safely. The organisers are aware that only bigger cities tend to get reported on regarding COVID-19 so they are proud to be organising an event here in Hereford and to provide everyone with a chance to meet and realise that they are not the only people grieving in Herefordshire.

The organisers know that Christmas will be a hard time for grieving families and hope that they can help people find comfort in meeting and remembering those lost. 

People attending are asked to respect social distancing and mask-wearing. 

Please contact Emma Lewis on the details below with:

• The name of anyone lost to COVID that you would like remembered

• The email address of anyone that would like to attend via zoom

• Any questions/comments about the vigil or proposed memorial


Mobile: 07906 144389 

Landline : 01432 278086