Cadent Gas have released an updated, with some properties in the Hampton Bishop area expected to be reconnected to the local gas network from today.

Please note that the below update from Cadent Gas was released on Wednesday evening.

“Good news, we have started to get gas back on to a small number of properties this evening.  This follows a successful day, of testing and getting gas back into a significant proportion of our network.

“It’s looking good for tomorrow.  We hope to get at least a third of properties back on gas.  But we can’t  get too carried away,  we are still checking properties to safely switch off at the gas meter and we still need to test the remaining proportion of our network.

“Our priorities for tomorrow, will be to ensure the remaining handful of properties are safely switched off.  We have visited each of these properties a number of times, so if you know of anyone on holiday, do let us know.

“We will continue to test the remaining pipes in our network.  So you may smell gas at some point tomorrow, whilst we vent the gas safely into the atmosphere.  Once this has been completed, we will start getting gas back into the remaining network.

“This is not a process that can be rushed.  However, we will have approximately 50 engineers and staff on site tomorrow, working hard to restore the gas.  We will be working through the villages one sector at a time.  Tomorrow, we will be able to share the sectors and the streets where we will start to restore gas supplies.

“Please ensure our engineers switch your gas back on.  We have to complete safety checks at each home and business, before we are able to restore gas supplies.  Please DO NOT try to do this yourself.  At this stage, gas is not in all of our network yet.

“Once again, we will be at the Hampton Bishop Village Hall, if you have any further questions or you know someone who might need a little extra help at this time, come and let us know.  We are here to help you.

“We have ordered the food trucks to return tomorrow in the villages.  So you will be able to have a hot meal.

“We will be in your villages for the next few days and we won’t be leaving until everyone is back on gas.  Unfortunately, we can’t give timescales about when this work will be completed but be assured, we are working hard to restore gas as safely and quickly as possible.

“Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  The good news is that gas is being restored.”