Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that he supports Herefordshire Council’s traffic measures that are aimed at making the city centre safer for pedestrians and cyclists and confirmed that the government has made £2 million available to help introduce cycling and walking schemes.

Mr Johnson spoke to reporters outside Hereford County Hospital early this afternoon and said:

“When I was mayor of London I used to cycle 30 miles a day easily.

“I think cycling is a fantastic thing to do. We have just put another £2 million into Herefordshire to support cycling and walking schemes.

“There is much more that we want to do. Where I agree with you that there is a paradox that cycling in rural areas on often quite fast A and B road can be scarier particularly for less confident cyclists.

“We need to think as we take forward our cycling revolution how we encourage people to cycle in rural areas as well.

“Motorists have got to understand there will be cyclists on the road and they’re not all lycra louts and they need to be treated with respect and caution.”

Mr Johnson also mentioned to reporters that he backed plans for a Hereford Bypass.

“Bypasses and all the big infrastructure projects we’re going to do that can really shave five or 10 minutes off people’s day and make their lives easier and better, we want to do them.

“We will certainly be looking at the A49.”