I am writing with concern that Green County Councillors on Herefordshire Council have appointed the group Extinction Rebellion to consult on the environmental future for our County.

In a recent email Cllr Ellie Chowns described how a Steering Group formed by the Council had deliberately appointed to its membership individuals belonging to the local chapter of Extinction Rebellion.

Surely such connections between elected officials and Extinction Rebellion are at best unwise, especially given the latter’s recent activities, including the blockading of printworks, and the attempt to disrupt the newspaper industry.

This extraordinary and alarming political alliance between Green Councillors and the law-breaking group cannot be in the best interests of Herefordshire.

After all, David Attenborough is quoted in The Sun on Extinction Rebellion’s illegal protesting saying:

“I don’t think it is sensible politics to break the law… If you are any good at all, some of your demands will be met and then you will be demanding people abide by those new laws. You can’t have it both ways.”

If you are any good at all – you can’t have it both ways!

Will the County Council now ditch Extinction Rebellion from their Steering Group and publicly condemn this law-breaking organisation or perhaps they support law-breaking?

Yours sincerely

Bill Wiggin MP