Dear resident

Iā€™d like to thank you for following the Covid-19 rules and underline how important it is for everyone to increase their efforts so we can prevent the virus from overwhelming our community. Adhering to the guidance in the first lockdown proved highly effective in driving down cases of Covid-19 and we can do it again. If we donā€™t follow the rules, cases will rise and future lockdowns are likely. Nobody wants this.

In recent months significant numbers of people across the UK have failed to self-isolate when required and others have ignored the Covid-19 rules of social distancing, using face coverings and frequent thorough handwashing. This behaviour has led to a rapid rise in cases, a high number of Covid-19 hospital admissions and increasing numbers of seriously ill people. The number of Covid-related deaths across the country has returned to hundreds per day. Tragically, since the pandemic started, 131 Herefordshire residents have died due to the disease.

One of the biggest challenges with this virus is that most people experience mild symptoms, while some have no symptoms at all. But anyone who is Covid-19 positive can spread the virus to others who may then become seriously ill and possibly die. This could be your mum or dad, your grandparents, your friend or work colleague.

That is why we are appealing to everyone in Herefordshire to follow the rules to keep yourself and others in our community safe.

If we all do the right thing, we can stop the infection spreading. We will save businesses, save jobs and above all ā€“ save lives. 

Please remember:

We know you have read this so many times, but please:


Thank you

Please Stay Safe Herefordshire

Alistair Neill

Herefordshire Council Chief Executive

Karen Wright

Director of Public Health 

Simon Trickett 

Chief Executive, NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Mike Hearne 

MD Taurus Healthcare Ltd (representing Herefordshire general practice)