A number of Leominster residents have had their homes saved thanks to a care provider taking over and renovating the former care home.

Pump Piece, formerly known as Newman’s Care Home, was established nearly 50 years ago and has recently been transformed into a new supported living service by Radis Community Care.

The home is now supporting people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and physical disabilities to live independent and fulfilled lives after transforming the former care home.

Changes to modernise the home were completed with accessibility at the heart of the entire project, enabling existing residents to stay put.

Radis built an extension to the ground floor to assist residents with limited mobility to mobilise easily.

Those living in the home are settling in well, with one resident expressing their gratitude at how accessible the garden is now, with another celebrating their gained mobility and independence.

One resident expressed how pleased they were at the change of management stating: “I have lived at Pump Piece for almost 50 years now, so it was really important for me to stay here as I have nowhere else to go that is like this, and a lot of my family have passed on.”

They continued: “It has been a very big change but I am enjoying accessing the community more and making plans. I am also getting around the house more now I am living on a ground floor level.”

The change in management has meant that residents have been able to stay in an environment that they have called home for several years, with some residents having lived there for almost 50 years.

Les Newman, the owner of the former Newman’s Care Home, said: “With such a long history, it is nice to know that this legacy will continue under Radis Community Care’s supported living banner. Knowing that the current four residents will continue to live in their homes is wonderful.”

Not only has it meant less disruption to those living in the home, but the change in management has granted residents new independence as the home shifts to a supported living model.

This has been really well received, with one resident stating their excitement at being able to get more involved with the local community.

Paula Hoggarth, group operations director at Radis, said: “It’s an honour to be able to help the residents of Pump Piece to stay in their homes, with the added benefits of helping them live fulfilled lives with more independence. I wish them many more years of comfort and fun in the place they love to call home.”

Radis is a community-based care and support provider that was established in 2001. Since establishing its first visiting care branch in Reading, Radis Community Care has grown to become a leading provider of community-based social care and support, for vulnerable adults and children, in England and Wales. 

For more information about the services provided by Radis, visit www.radis.co.uk or call on 0330 100 8150.