A local naturist group is looking for new members, with events planned such as naked barbecues.

The Pines is a haven of peace and tranquility – a place where you can relax and enjoy the friendly company of other naturists away from the busy, rushing world around you. 

The club grounds, situated on a hill affording views over Longhope at the edge of the Forest of Dean, are convenient for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Ross, Monmouth and South Wales, and some members travel from even further afield.

As well as the woodland and grassed areas, the Club has:

An informal volleyball/badminton court

Excellent Petanque or Boules court

Fire pit used for barbeques

The small clubhouse has:

A kitchen area, complete with worktops and a propane gas cooker

As well as tables and chairs

A library and cupboard of children’s games

Heating provided by a wood burning stove

2 flushing toilets and 2 hand basins is located in a separate building beside the clubhouse.

The lovely grounds, covering eight acres and situated in the Forest of Dean, are convenient for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Ross, Monmouth and South Wales. 

Some members travel from even further afield. 

The woodland flora and fauna contains many beautiful wild flowers, birds and mammals.

Spring starts with dramatic displays of wild daffodils, anemones, and violets, followed by a carpet of bluebells and later spotted orchids. Five other orchid species occur and dormice, squirrels, rabbits and badgers are present.

Pines members jointly own their grounds, which are held in trust for them by a panel of trustees*. This privilege also carries with it an equal share in the responsibilities of ownership. 

Members are expected to actively participate in the necessary maintenance of the club grounds, both on organised winter workdays, and less formally during the summer. 

There are always light jobs to suit the less-able or elderly. 

Basic hand tools and protective gloves are available on site at all times. No expensive or valuable equipment is kept on site.

The object of the club is to maintain an area where people who appreciate the benefits of social nakedness in the open air may do so in comfort and safety.

Guests are always welcome provided they accept that nakedness is the norm when conditions are suitable.

They need not themselves undress if they are uncomfortable doing so. Non-members are charged for day and overnight visits.

A high standard of behaviour is expected at the club grounds, at all times, as would be wholly acceptable in any family orientated environment.

More Details – https://sites.google.com/site/pinesoutdoor/home