A Herefordshire Primary School has been rated as good in a recent inspection by Ofsted.

Colwall Primary School and Nursery was subject to an inspection on 15th and 16th February.

The report said:

“The staff and pupils of Colwall CofE Primary School welcome everyone. Staff have created a calm and purposeful atmosphere. Staff know pupils as individuals. 

“Pupils come to school happy, feeling safe and ready to learn. They know that they can talk to an adult if they have any concerns. 

“Staff resolve any disagreements, including any potential bullying issues, between pupils promptly.

“Leaders have high expectations. They have planned an ambitious curriculum where learning builds upon what pupils can already do. Pupils study a good range of subjects and learn well. They particularly enjoy creative work. Teachers are skilled at adapting the work for pupils, including for those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

“Across the school, pupils behave well in lessons. They concentrate on their work, listen to their teachers and work well together. They become articulate. Pupils treat each other and adults with respect. At social times, they make effective use of the playground equipment.

“Pupils have many opportunities to take on responsibility, for example as directors or school councillors. 

“School trips, such as to the nearby car factory, help them to put their learning into context. Pupils enjoy and benefit from a range of extra-curricular activities, particularly in music. 

“Some are preparing to sing in a concert. 

“Pupils take part in competitive fixtures in a wide range of sports.”

The report goes on to say:

“Leaders prioritise reading. Children start learning to read when they join Reception. They follow a structured programme that ensures they learn about letters and their sounds. Staff encourage pupils to read at home, providing children with books matched to their phonic knowledge. If pupils start to fall behind, staff work with individual pupils to identify the difficulty and to help them overcome it. 

“However, in the teaching of phonics, a few staff are not consistent in how carefully they put the programme into practice. Across the school, pupils read widely, including non-fiction books and a range of poetry. They are confident and enthusiastic readers.

Children get off to a good start in the Reception class. 

“Across the school, leaders have planned learning so that it takes good account of what pupils have learned in the past. For example, in geography, pupils learn about a country and its physical features before tackling how these affect the people in it. In each subject, leaders have set ambitious end points for the end of key stage 2.

“Teachers are knowledgeable. They deliver the curriculum that leaders have planned effectively. Leaders have addressed the weaknesses reflected in the 2022 published outcomes at key stage 2. Teachers check on what pupils know. They use this information to shape future learning. ‘Flashback’ questions at the beginning of lessons help pupils to recall and remember key knowledge. 

“Teachers of mathematics use diagrams and physical equipment well. As a result, pupils make strong gains in their knowledge.

“Leaders have identified well the needs of pupils with SEND. Teachers know how best to meet their particular learning needs. As a result, these pupils follow the full curriculum and learn well.

“Leaders have high expectations for pupils’ behaviour. Staff establish effective routines for managing pupils’ behaviour from the start of the early years. Teachers implement the behaviour policy fairly, and pupils concentrate well in lessons. They take care over their work, especially in key stage 2. Disruption to learning is uncommon. Pupils show consideration for each other and courtesy to adults.”

Full report – https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/21/116797