A Herefordshire school has been rated as ‘good’ following a recent inspection by Ofsted. 

Ofsted visited Earl Mortimer College in Leominster on 11th and 12th January. 

The report said:

“Earl Mortimer College (EMC) is a welcoming school. Most pupils are happy to attend the school and are confident they will be successful in their education. They value and respect the school environment. Pupils enjoy most of their lessons. They appreciate how well everyone is supported to do well in physical education (PE) and the way their learning in creative subjects is personalised to their interests and aspirations.

“There is an atmosphere of mutual respect around the school. This is supported by pupils spending time with peers from all year groups during tutor times. Pupils enjoy socialising with each other. They respect the different choices their peers make about how to spend social time. 

“On occasion, pupils’ behaviour falls below the standard expected and this can interrupt learning. Staff deal with any incidents of bullying effectively. Some pupils are ‘Prevent Bullying Now’ mentors and support their peers, as well as producing learning resources around bullying.

“Pupils like taking part in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, with many aiming to complete the EMC Gold programme. They benefit from these experiences, growing in confidence and independence.

What does the school do well and what does it need to do better?

“Leaders have devised a curriculum that helps pupils to develop a positive mindset and challenge themselves as learners. The curriculum is broad and fully open to all pupils. 

“Leaders work with subject leaders to ensure that every subject has a well- planned curriculum. Teachers ensure that learning is structured in a way that enables pupils to build on their knowledge over time from Year 7 to the end of Year 11. Leaders’ work on developing the curriculum has resulted in improved outcomes for pupils in most subjects.

“In almost all subjects, teachers use a range of approaches to help pupils to learn well and understand new knowledge. Teachers usually provide helpful feedback that supports pupils in making good progress and deepening their understanding. However, this is not always the case. In a few subjects, the way teachers implement the curriculum is sometimes not as effective. There are occasions when teachers do not present key knowledge in a way that pupils understand. Leaders are already working closely with subject leaders to address this.

“Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities access the same curriculum as their peers. Leaders identify their specific needs and provide staff with effective strategies to support them in lessons. 

“Some of these approaches also help other pupils to learn more easily. The weakest readers receive intensive intervention that helps them become more fluent readers.”

More Details – https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/23/116941