A Herefordshire restaurant has shared its frustration following a number of ‘no-shows’ over recent days.

The Harewood Inn, based in the beautiful village of Harewood End, between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye, took to social media to share a message after a number of people who had booked tables failed to show up to their bookings.

A post on The Harewood Inn Facebook page said:

“Once again another week of customers not showing up for their bookings.

“No phone call to explain and not having the decency to answerer our calls. 

“We often get told how lovely it is to see a small family run buisness like ours. 

“Unfortunately, independent businesses are struggling more than ever at the moment and for some reason customers think it is acceptable to book a table and then just not show up! 

“Apologies for the rant but we wanted to highlight to the people doing this, just how damaging it is to our business. 

“Our chef’s prep all the fresh produce for our bookings, we staff up especially to enable us to provide top customer service and most importantly we TURN DOWN other customers for your table!! 

“The majority of our customers are wonderful and wouldn’t dream of doing this but we are experiencing this more and more now and it really is upsetting. 

“Spread the word guys. Respect restaurants & STOP #noshows.”

The post has received plenty of support, with one person commenting saying:

“Yep it’s annoying, particularly for those who ring for a table and there isn’t one. It’s inconsiderate – only takes a minute to cancel!”