OK Diner in Leominster has announced that it will be temporarily closing its doors next week.

The closure will be in place so that teams can carry out repair works.

The closure will be in place from Monday 22nd January, with the Diner reopening on Saturday 27th January at 9am.

OK Diner is located just off the A49, on the outskirts of Leominster, and is popular with many local residents.

American diners are loved the world over for their endless coffee, thick shakes, stacked burgers and nostalgic air.

A true diner is populated by people from all walks of life from a suited businessman to a hairy biker, a holidaying family to a bunch of students on an epic road trip. 

It’s the promise of a good meal at good value in a casual setting that gets them every time.

So it shouldn’t need to be said that OK Diner loves everything about the true American diner. They are one … well, a Brit version.

For the last 10 years they have been giving you the authentic diner experience from the rock and roll to the stacked burgers, griddle favourites, bottomless coffee plus wings and dogs (that’s chicken wings and hot dogs to you). All served up in a classic diner setting with a smile … hey, who ordered the ribs?

They also offer a takeaway menu. For more details, visit – https://okdiners.com