A Herefordshire Golf Club has suffered significant flooding, as river levels in parts of the county reached record levels.

Leominster Golf Club, located just off the A49 to the south of Leominster, is used to flood water entering a small section of its course and also restricting access from the A49, but the flooding this week was on another level.

Ford Bridge gauge on the River Lugg, which is located close to Leominster Golf Club, recorded record levels, with the River Lugg reaching 3.87 metres, beating the previous record of 3.5 metres that was recorded during the February 2020 floods.

It left deep flood water on the main road to the course, meaning that access was restricted, with flood water also covering a wide area of the golf course.

The flooding even reached the car park, which is on a slope, demonstrating just how deep the flooding was in some places.

Fortunately the flooding remained fair enough away from the main clubhouse, and levels are now dropping, so it will no doubt be business as usual soon. 

You can find out more about Leominster Golf Club by visiting – https://www.leominstergolfclub.co.uk