A woman from Hereford has shared the details of a concerning incident that occurred when she was driving home in Hereford in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The incident occurred on College Road, on the railway bridge and a post has been shared on Facebook to make people aware.

Jemima shared the following details on Facebook:

“I just want to make others aware of what happened to me last night in case this has happened to anyone else or happens again. 

“Last night I was driving home and as I was about to drive over the railway bridge on College Road, a man was stood in the middle of the bridge so I had to stop suddenly. 

“He then tried to approach my car while shouting at me to put my windows down, I panicked and tried to drive off but he was running in front of my car trying to stop me from leaving, if you know this bridge it is narrow and there was no way past him! 

“I reversed to get out of his way, he then came up to my window and he was very aggressive, luckily I had time to lock my doors so he couldn’t get in my car. 

“I then had a chance to drive off as he managed to get round the side of my car on the drivers side which gave me a clear path to drive off! 

“I don’t know what his intentions were but he definitely didn’t look like he was worried or in trouble and I believe he would of got into my car if I hadn’t of locked the doors and kept my windows up. 

“This happened at about 12:30am and there are no bright lights in that area so it was very dark and quiet! Please just be careful if you are driving late around that area as I don’t know if this is an reoccurring thing or a one off from him. 

“This did shake me up and the police have been informed.”