A Hereford pub will be opening its doors all day on Christmas Day, and they invite all people who would otherwise be alone to join them.

Tom Williams,  from Hogarths in Hereford, shared the following message with Your Herefordshire:

“We are warming hearts again this Christmas Day by opening our doors all day, to people who would otherwise be alone.

“While traditionally hailed as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, for many people across the UK, Christmas is often the loneliest period.

“It is estimated that almost 500,000 elderly people will spend the festive day with only the TV for company.

“We are trying to break the ‘alone at Christmas’ stigma. 

“Last year, we came together and gave elderly people and people who would other wise of been alone, companionship and the chance to smile on Christmas Day.

“If you’ve got no family around you at Christmas time, you’re sitting on your own and watching telly, and there’s all these Christmas movies of families coming together with all the hugs and kisses, and you’re sitting there thinking ‘I haven’t got anyone, it’s gutting. 

“Last year was so magical, Josh, Tommy and the team did a fantastic job, so I have decided to do it again, with the addition this year of some light hearted entertainment in the evening provided by our resident DJ. 

“I have always believed that community sprit is the key to any successful pub, especially at this time of the year. 

“The mince pies, and warm mulled wine are for nothing, it’s the companionship and not having someone on their own for Christmas Day. 

“We had 130 people turn up last year, and we hope to double that number this year. 

“There’s nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face and not having anything for it – you really can’t put a price tag on that.”

Well done Hogarths, this is fantastic.