From the Herefordshire Council Licensing Website:

On Friday 15th December 2023 at 00:43hrs police were called to an incident.

The incident was taking L place on Commercial Road, Hereford.

Police have arrived on scene and established that an altercation has taken place within Munchies, 59 Commercial Road, HR1 2BP. 

Munchies is licensed for late night refreshment until 03:30hrs. 

This altercation has started within Munchies and has spilled out on the street.

Initial enquiries have found that a male was ejected from the licensed premises after refusing to leave his alcoholic beverage outside. 

The SIA doorman and the PLH Mr Ako RASOUL have physically removed the male through the front entrance onto the pavement outside the premises, with the help of other staff members.

Associates of the PLH from neighbouring businesses have become involved and an affray has started. 

The ejected male, has fallen to the ground and been surrounded, receiving multiple kicks to the head.

The doorman has looked on and done nothing as the victim has been repeatedly beaten.

There is an offence of Assault ABH currently being investigated by police.

In addition to the way staff have conducted themselves, and the circumstances that led to the ejection of the member of the public, there were further keys concerns from a police perspective.

The behaviour and standard of the SIA door staff was found falling short, he appeared to be in neglect of his duties on the evening. 

He observed the victim being assaulted and did not intervene. 

He was not wearing his SIA badge appropriately. 

He fuelled the issues rather than prevented them. He has been reported to the SIA.

The manager did very little to prevent any assault and appears to drag the victim out of the shop and leaves him to be further assaulted by associates. 

He has also appeared to have misled officers on the night and stated that there was no fight on his premise.

Community CCTV clearly shows the fight spilling out of Munchies onto the street. The manager also blamed door staff rather than take responsibility.

The incident book was found falling short, it was not in compliance with the license conditions.

CCTV could not be provided on police request and was in breach of license conditions.

The license conditions in relation to door staff requirements were not complied with, as a result was in breach of license conditions.

The above concerns evidence that the licensing conditions are not being complied with by the PLH, and as a result the licensing objectives are being undermined.