St Nicholas Church in Hereford looks set to close down with other options for the use of the building set to be explored.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Nicholas Church, Hereford have decided to begin the process of closing the church for public worship in the Church of England.

Over many years, there have been numerous attempts to develop the viability of the church, but these efforts have sadly not borne the hoped-for outcomes.

The future use of the church (and its contents) will be worked out after the closure process is complete.

Any future use must be ā€˜suitableā€™ and ā€˜appropriateā€™ for a former place of worship. For example, many closed churches find a new lease of life as offices, homes, event spaces or other community facilities.

After the closure takes effect, the responsibility for the church is transferred from the PCC to the Diocese, and they work with the Church Commissioners on the process of establishing a new use. In practise, they would also work with the PCC to secure something suitable.

This is especially the case with St Nicholas, as the PCC will still own the neighbouring St Nicholas House as well as the churchyards, both of which could become part of any future new use.