A criminal behaviour order (CBO) has been handed to a Worcester teenager who is part of a gang of young males involved in anti-social behaviour and criminality across the city and county.

Oliver Spencer, 16, of Liverpool Road, was served the CBO on Wednesday 19 June which prohibits him from certain activities and associations for a two-year period, until 19 June 2026.

Spencer is now banned from being with several named individuals in a public place, wearing a balaclava or scarf that covers the face in any public place and from being in or on any private dwelling property, including the driveway or gardens, unless permission is granted from the owner/occupants.

Over the past couple of years, officers from Worcester City Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) have been busy dealing with issues caused by a group of teenagers who have become known as “The 4th” gang who have been involved in in significant ASB and criminality across Worcester and neighbouring towns such as Droitwich and Malvern.

The group have caused many members of the public to suffer threats, intimidation and acts of violence as well as fallen victim to the crimes they have committed between them.

Four other members of the gang are already subject to CBOs which are granted on the conviction of a crime in court. They are Billie Biddle, 19, whose order runs until 16 August; Harley Brown, whose order runs until 5 November; Stefan Todorov, whose order runs until 13 November; and Doulton Biddle, whose order runs until 25 April 2026.

SNT worked with colleagues from the South Worcestershire LPA’s ASB and Harm Reduction team who compiled the CBO applications and submitted them to court.

Each of the CBOs applied for were carefully drafted to ensure that suitable conditions were placed on the individuals depending on their involvement in the gangs’ activities and who they associated with when committing the ASB and crimes.

The prohibitions include non-association clauses with each other, and others known to be involved; exclusions from certain premises/shops or areas such as Malvern or Worcester city centre; restrictions on using trains; non-wearing of balaclavas/face coverings; and not behaving in an anti-social or threatening manner.

Worcester City SNT Inspector Tanya Beckett said: “We are pleased that, thanks to the hard work of my team and colleagues in South Worcestershire LPA, another member of this gang has been given a criminal behaviour order (CBO).

“We hope this CBO will further limit the harm caused by this group whose actions have caused many members of the public to suffer threats, intimidation and acts of violence as well as being victims of the crimes they have committed between them.

“It sends a strong message to others who choose the wrong path that we will not tolerate ASB or criminality of any kind in Worcester and will continue to act to prevent their actions and protect the public from them.”