Latest data released by Public Health England indicates that 80.5% of adults in Herefordshire have now received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The government has released a new dashboard that shows just how many people have received a first and second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in your area of Herefordshire.

The data, released by Public Health England shows that 80.5% of people in Herefordshire have received a first dose of the vaccine, considerably higher than some other areas of the country. It also shows that the rollout of second doses is progressing well, with 63.3% of the adult population over the age of 18 receiving their second dose.

Wigmore, Orleton & Brimfield83.2%68.8%
Hereford South West71.9%51.3%
Penyard, Llangarron & Goodrich74.6%60.9%
Shobdon, Luston & Bodenham85.9%70.1%
Leominster North80.6%64.3%
Leominster South79.9%63.7%
Kington, Eardisley & Staunton80.7%66.9%
Bromyard & Bishop’s Frome85.9%69.4%
Credenhill, Weobley & Wellington81%61.6%
Colwall, Cradley & Wellington Heath87.7%71.9%
Lugwardine, Withington & Moreton on Lugg79.9%62.4%
Fownhope, Tarrington & Marcle86.3%70.1%
Golden Valley80.1%63.7%
Belmont, Madley & Clehonger81.9%63.5%
Hereford North East83.5%64.5%
Hereford North West80.4%61.2%
Hereford West77%56.2%
Hereford Central71.2%51.5%
Hereford East86%68.2%
Hereford South76.5%57%

DATA SOURCE: Interactive map of vaccinations | Coronavirus in the UK (