72 people have signed a petition to have speed bumps installed in a Herefordshire village.

The e-petition which has now been submitted to Herefordshire Council, pushes for the council to install speed bumps along the Hereford Road in Weobley to slow traffic from 60 mph to 30 mph and along Burton Wood outside the primary/high school to minimise speeding. The residents behind the petition say that this could also become a zebra crossing for children and parents to use to cross the road.

The petition goes on to say that, “Weobley was once a safe place to be/live. In recent years I have noticed an increase in speeding both along Hereford Road and Burton Wood. Especially in the evenings/first thing.

“By placing the speed bumps we hope this slows down traffic and encourages drivers to drive to the speed limit of 30 mph or slower. Weobley is a village of young and old and many loved pets. We need to make this a safe village to live in again.”