New COVID-19 rules are set to come into force from next week that will mean anyone attempting to leave the UK without a reasonable excuse will receive a £5,000 fine.

The rules that are set to be voted on mean that protests will be treated different to other mass gatherings and if passed, the rules would come into force on Monday.

However, it has been hinted that holidays abroad may be allowed prior to the end date of 30th June, when the rules would come to an end or face another vote to extend them.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned yesterday that the United Kingdom is likely to ‘feel the effects’ of the third wave of COVID-19 that is currently hitting Europe.

There will be exemptions to the ban on travelling abroad. These include:

• Work
• Study
• Legal obligations or to vote
• Moving, selling or renting property
• Childcare reasons or to be present at a birth
• Visiting a dying relative or close friend
• Attending a funeral
• Getting married or attending the wedding of a close relative
• Medical appointments
• Escaping a risk of harm

Protests are set to be allowed under the new rules, however there is likely to be strict rules around who can organise them and the measures that must be in place to ensure the safety of those attending as well as the wider community.