The mother of a 12-year-old boy has shared her disappointment after finding out that her son’s electric scooter had been crushed after police seized it in Hereford.

Tisha Whittam told Your Herefordshire the following:

“My son had a bike, and sold it so he could put that money towards an electric scooter.

“Once the bike sold he saved his pocket money and bless him he saved £400 to buy this electric scooter. It was from Halfords.

“They assembled it for him and it was ridden home from the store. They didn’t mention it was illegal, literally rode it out of store! I don’t understand, you can’t drive a car away without insurance so why are they allowing electric scooters!

“My son went on this scooter numerous times and even passed police officers who smiled at him.

“Fast forward a few weeks, my son was on it again, but a police community support officer seized his scooter!

“Literally took it away from him and it was taken away on a flat bed truck. They handed him a leaflet explaining it was illegal.

“I was told I would receive a £100 fine and 6 points on licence.

“Then when we went to the recovery centre they said this wasn’t the case and it would have to be crushed due to the fact it wasn’t insured or taxed which we can’t do due to fact it’s illegal!

“I am so heartbroken for my son. Give me a fine and points but to penalise my son who is a child is just not fair!

“All I ask is for you lovely lot to give what you can, however small so he can at least buy a bike so he can commute to school.

“I’m not asking for anything fancy just a standard mountain bike.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this.”