£1 million is set to be spent on developing ‘quiet routes’ in the South Wye area of Hereford.

Herefordshire Council has allocated and will spend £1,000,000 of Supercycle Highway funding on the delivery of Hereford Enterprise Zone Quiet Routes Active Travel Measures (including survey and project management costs) across South Wye.

The Hereford Enterprise Zone (HEZ) Quiet Routes Active Travel Measures (ATM) are a series of interconnected quiet routes predominantly covering the South Wye area where a range of improvements are proposed to help increase walking and cycling to and from the Hereford Enterprise Zone and connectivity between communities. 

The funding will be used predominantly along the 9 key routes.

HEZ Quiet Routes ATM form part of the wider Hereford transport package which has recently been successful in securing £19,990,449 Levelling Up Funds (LUF). The Hereford transport package consists of the following elements:

  1. Holme Lacy Road ATM
  2. HEZ (Hereford Enterprise Zone) Quiet Routes ATM
  3. Aylestone Hill ATM
  4. Great Western Way Improvements
  5. Commercial Road / Blueschool and Newmarket ATM
  6. St Owen’s Street Cycle Contraflow
  7. Hereford Transport Hub
  8. 20mph Rollout
  9. Safer Routes to School Initiative

In order to meet the LUF match funding requirements (and therefore deliver the above programme of works), the council is required to make a contribution of £978,000 towards the HEZ Quiet Routes ATM. 

Design work for the HEZ Quiet Routes ATM commenced in January 2022 and has now reached an advanced stage.

The detailed designs are now progressing and due for completion by the end of the 22/23 financial year. Works are then profiled to be tendered and awarded in first quarter of 23/24 ahead of the construction phase commencing in summer 2023.

More Details – https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=9339