A new store in Hereford is looking for a number of staff to join its team prior to its opening this Spring.

Dylan’s Den Crystal Shop will be opening on Commercial Street in Hereford this April.

A post on Indeed said:

“We are looking for a number of additional Retail Sales Associates to join our team in our new crystal store in Hereford, which is set to open in April. 

“We have multiple positions and shift patterns available. Please state when applying if you are interested in part/mid or a full time position.

“The perfect candidate will be a self motivated individual with a passion for helping customers find the right products and answer any questions.

“At Dylan’s Den we aim to create the best experience possible for each customer.

“The successful candidates will be part of a team of sales associates who experience a sense of accomplishment by helping delight and creating a unique experience for each customer.L


Strive to delight each customer.

Greet and assist customers in a timely and welcoming manner.

Create a “one of a kind” experience for customers.

Maintain a friendly environment and great customer service.

Maintain the cleanliness of the stores.

Deal with difficult situations in a calm and collected manner, should one arise.

Be able provide information to customers about products.

Manage point-of-sale processes.

Follow all companies policies and procedures.

Maintain a fully stocked store.

An interest in crystals would be preferable, but not essential . A willingness to learn is.

Job Types: Part-time, Permanent

Salary: £11.44 per hour

Expected hours: 16 – 32 per week


  • Casual dress
  • Store discount


  • Day shift
  • Weekend availability

Work Location: In person

Application deadline: 01/02/2024
Expected start date: 01/04/2024

Apply now – https://uk.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=5ea373800dd00a3f&advn=4961284447337385&adid=424334987&ad=-6NYlbfkN0DnmMWGrdQFD-BVgv3dnmQ8F4-GC3duAwOh2KzC21aNGtB-PVrTC1BLolgI8LVyapQOFvtAbtq_2jp1ksvN-nqnYOwOObhx8WgNvmyAfhyjIo7dsQRFiEko14oi0gnP14QoNM2_5Rk7NRWsAgUHHbqxaoSvUv0IXk49uuVovdwfFw79t-QY0KVRhkjbr5nzsROLKUpN3hrNgAmEkQkLm1RNSJCUsmLpADbk11OR8fyjQ2AstSzlqa9S0tZEth_dCm3kddnthLd_VYmZSRLOAMz9E2QPEDJE26HU1U7gpZZq2MnI7iOtYWGE9nhdeJYhiJ0GRkA2INGh3iLm9NCV4ugMkcrEKL32ry6spU8trPnintVBXUU5E4jjXuGaixQFBytscDNr6MRmm7heXJDW52dMU0EBOH9CYgAHWWjUmMsX5EF3xkVoF6dl0m3heLSVrv_1H9PyOCUJfhC-elvI5ONRSYUzgDD3CRHJoU6oSiijqtl7W5wu71czj7aG0kQa7BtMsF16mfMTCLI3oPO48EtbbevCKlM9dBdwTtjB-20K3g%3D%3D&from=serp&dest=http%3A%2F%2Fuk.indeed.com%2Fjob%2Fretail-sales-assistant-5ea373800dd00a3f&desth=7f07bf68bdcea3c97d8ad1fa528bf474&prevUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fuk.indeed.com%2Fl-hereford-jobs.html&tk=1hlfaafh42m1d002&dupclk=1&acatk=1hlfaaokm2fnl000&pub=6917c08ec3ecf6012dd26f3773156e870cace3277f6b99df&camk=4HOcmqOLYrCky1Rw-Vr3cw%3D%3D&xkcb=SoD46_M3FvcmLo2zNx0KbzkdCdPP&xpse=SoAj6_I3Fvckz-AKwD0JbzkdCdPP