We are fortunate that the West Mercia Force area does not have a big knife crime problem, however, the impact of recent events involving young people and knives can still affect lives.

Q. What is knife crime?

Carrying or trying to buy a knife if you’re under 18

Threatening someone with a knife

Carrying a knife (illegally)

Attacking someone with a knife

Q. What are the consquences for carrying a knife?

If you are caught carrying a knife you will be arrested and prosecuted regardless of whether you say it was for your own protection or you were carrying it for someone else.

Getting a criminal record could affect your whole life; future job prospects, going to college or university, travelling abroad.

Possession of a knife can carry a prison sentance of up to 4 years.

If you stab somebody and they die, you will face a life sentance and will serve a minimum prison sentance of 25 years.

One stab wound to any part of the body can kill.

There is no ‘safe’ place to stab someone – if you hit an artery in the arm or leg it could be just as serious as stabbing someone in the chest or neck.

Carrying a knife gives you a false sense of security.

If you carry a knife you are more likely to get stabbed yourself

Q. Why you should report someone for carrying a knife

We all have a duty to protect our communities from harm and keep them safe.

One call could save someone’s life.

If someone is injured or killed by a knife in your presence, even if you’re not the one using the weapon, you too could be prosecuted. You could be sent to prison for murder in what is referred to as ‘joint enterprise’

Knife crime can affect anyone, not just people in gangs. Innocent bystanders can get caught in the middle of other people’s disputes.