Did you know that you can report potholes to Herefordshire Council? As a local news outlet we receive a large number of messages every month about the state of the roads in Herefordshire.

Whilst the vast majority of A roads in the county come under the control of Highways England, many of the roads you travel on will be under the control of Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty and therefore you can really help teams by reporting potholes in your area.

Report a pothole by using this link – Report a pothole | Herefordshire

Enter the postcode or street name in the search box below and click to drop a yellow pin to mark the position of the issue. You will only be able to mark locations on adopted roads maintained by the council.

(A dark blue pin marker with exclamation mark on the map shows an incident which has already been reported to the council.)

You can only report one issue at a time, but if a whole stretch of road is affected by a defect, for example potholes, you can report that as one job.