There has been a recent spate of vehicle crime in Hereford, particularly in the north of the city. Tools have been stolen from a number of works vans and damage has been caused to some of the vehicles affected.

If you see anything suspicious in your area then please call 101 or 999 if the theft is in progress. Please give as much detail as possible vehicle targeted details including VRM, location, description of any offenders if seen including if with a vehicle and anything else of relevance.

Please ensure your vehicle is securely locked after use and where possible remove any valuable tools into the house or locked garage overnight.

Security measures to consider for vehicle secondary locks ( dead locks ), dash cam, signage on outside of vehicle to indicate tools have been removed and park in a way that denies access to side and rear doors.

Research property marking systems such as smartwater and cremark and be sure to advise this by placing signage on your vehicle.