GREAT NEWS! Missing dog Daisy from North Herefordshire is HOME after being found.

The following is from Daisy’s owner Beth:

“After 3 nights away she was found by Natalie heading towards the road in Richards Castle this morning making her way back to her home! Her little tail hasn’t stopped wagging since getting home and she ran as fast as she could towards her two favourite humans. She seems happy and well (very smelly!) but we will take her to the vets shortly.

“We cannot believe the UNBELIEVABLE KINDNESS AND SUPPORT of friends and strangers all who helped with the search this weekend. I’ve had hundreds of messages and social media worked it’s magic with spreading the word far and wide so thank you for the thousands of shares. A special thanks to Jeanette from Herefordshire lost dogs (support and advice ) who told me exactly what to do and the best ways to find her and was my speed dial for 3 days. Not many people would walk through the forest at 1am in the pouring rain trying to find a strangers doggie!

“It’s been a horrific 3 days and the evil phone calls from people demanding money or they would hurt her made it a living nightmare. So many of you walked for spent HOURS walking these last 3 days and when we are able to we want to throw a HUGE party to thank you all yes, even you David.

Lesson learned the hard way-even if a dog always walks by your foot at a walking pace, with teenie tiny legs they can still get scared and run away. So definitely always using the lead from now on with her! Now time for cuddles and sleep as soon as I can stop crying. Dogs really are incredible creatures who give nothing but love and ask for very little in return. She is such a big part of our home and we won’t let her out of our sight now.”