As part of the Stronger Towns Fund, is a plan to create and improve the current outdoor sports facilities located on Hereford’s Holmer Road.

Access to the hub will create a focus for a number of wheeled sports in the city and wider county and will be almost entirely free of charge, optimising accessibility and community physical and mental health benefits and employment opportunities and wheeled based businesses in the area.

The skate park is regularly at full capacity and needs expansion to service growing local, regional and national demand.

The cycle track will significantly enhance Hereford’s sports offer creating a local, regional and national visitor attraction, supporting the city’s tourism offer.

This project will address Hereford’s underperforming visitor economy, providing scope to enhance retail engagement and boosting the city’s footfall.

It will also help to deliver the Towns Fund Intervention Framework outcome by creating a stronger sports component to the economic development of Hereford that is more visible and easier for residents/visitors to access.

The cycle track will cost ¬£1.4 million to deliver, of which ¬£500,000 has been committed as a grant from Sports England/British Cycling and a further ¬£250,000 from Herefordshire Council and Hereford City Council. 

The extension of the skate park facilities will cost a further £500,000.