We are proud to announce that the High Sheriff of Herefordshire Pat Churchward will be providing a regularly monthly diary to Your Herefordshire on her activities across Herefordshire.

Pat is extremely busy with her work across the county and we are delighted to have her on board supplying a regular column.

You can find out more by visiting her website -> High Sheriff Herefordshire

Last month’s High Sheriff’s Diary…May saw me clocking up a few miles and getting to know more about what’s happening around the County…enjoying it all …and hoping to be helpful..

2/5 A glimpse at the military history of Hereford Light Infantry, and Suvla Barracks, Harold St.  with Col. Andy Taylor. Open for viewing by appointment. 

3/5 A 2nd meeting with the Head of Children Heard & Seen, Sarah Burrows. An important initiative to support children who have parents in prison. Ongoing …

5/5 A beautiful Hedgerow Service in the grounds of SnodhillCastle( do visit sometime), led by the Rev Simon Lockett.

7/5 Hereford’s historic Mayfair opening !

9/5 Initial meeting with Annie Fisher and Milly Boylan at The Hub, Ross. Great work girls!

10/5 A moving memorial service at the Cathedral for Dr.Richard Miller…founder of our invaluable St. Michael’s Hospice. 

12/5 Brockhampton CC played Marylebone CC! Presenting caps, ties and awards to players on a very hot, but successful,day. Well done Nick Nenedich!

12/5 Holy Trinity to attend St John’s Ambulance Brigade Thanksgiving Service.

14/5 Tea with Cathedral Precentor, Andrew Piper. A peaceful hour. Thank you.

15/5 Magistrates Court to witness a sample of cases being heard. Thanks to the Court and Sue Kitchener.

16/6 Morning at Megan Baker House, Ledbury. c/o Alethea Gough.

16/6 Kings Award for Enterprise at The Shell Store – won by our great S&A Davies, county soft fruit growers. Many congratulations!

17/5 Open Arms, Kington. An energetic project offering further support for those needing it…thank you Judith and team.

19/5 Official opening new Scout District HQ opening. Many thanks to the Brailsford family Trust for their generosity.

21/5 Meeting with Police Relief Inspector Chris Watson.

21/5 Mayor Making Installation at the Town Hall. Kevin Tillet will be our very fine new mayor in Hereford ( there is a song in there somewhere!)

23/5 Presenting at the Graduation Ceremony at Willowdene, Shropshire. An exemplary rehab unit.

24/5 Widemarsh Children’s Centre to find out more about Early Years and Children’s Services in the County. 

28/5 Initial meeting with Gayle Good to enquire about Veterans and Servicemen family services and further employment. 

31/5 …and the last day of the month saw me at Leominster Grange, ( LARC Development Trust) helping them celebrate their 10th anniversary of a beautiful facility for community use”