Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue is a small independent voluntary organisation dedicated to helping dogs in need. Each year, in Herefordshire alone there are around 350 dogs who find their way into the stray pound. Some go back home, sadly many are never reclaimed by their owners.

These are the dogs that they take care of, Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue provide them with shelter, either in kennels or in a foster home, they receive any veterinary treatment they may need and they stay until a new home is found for them.

The service is also available to help should circumstances arise that means you are unable to keep your dog. If you are having difficulties please give them a call, they will do their very best to help you find a new home for your pet. Telephone Number – 01568 760033.

Please note that some of the dogs below may have already been rehomed

Sophie – Lurcher type – Young adult

This beautiful young lady is an unclaimed stray. Sophie is the life and soul of the party and gives the word ‘enthusiasm’ a whole new meaning, yet she’s also so affectionate and loving. Sophie is an extremely clever girl, eager to please and picks things up very quickly! Sophie mixes well with other dogs but a cat free home is required. Any children in the home must be at least 8 years old, due to being a stray Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue have no previous history. If you can offer an active, loving forever home they would love to hear from you. Please contact 01568 760033 if you would like to register your interest.

Rupert Mastiff – 3 years old

Rupes is looking for his forever home. Ideally Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue are looking for a home where he can be fully adopted, with a cataract operation (both eyes) due soon they would love Rupert to bond with an experienced large dog owner prior to his procedure, this home will need to be committed and dedicated to caring for him before and throughout his recovery, this will include many visits for check ups at the eye clinic and ongoing aftercare.

The funds for Rupert’s operation have already been raised by incredible supporters so there will be no financial responsibility for his medical needs. Rupert is a wonderful boy and growing in confidence every day- he is hilarious, affectionate and staff just adore him although he can be stubborn at times and can be incredibly strong.

Any potential owner will need to be aware that Rupert’s vision is severely impaired although he copes very well. It will be a big commitment but Rupert is 100% worth it. Volunteers are so proud of him and everything he has been through and is yet to overcome. An adult only and pet free home will be best suited. Also, a home within Herefordshire is preferable due to the eye clinic being based in Leominster. Please call on 01568 760033 if you would like to show your interest/find out more about our beauty!

Waffles – Chihuahua – 5 years old

What a sweetie! Lovely little Waffles is looking for an adult only home, he loves cuddles so a person/couple that are around for the majority of the time would be ideal. Waffles becomes anxious when meeting people so it’s essential that any potential owner understands that he needs to make friends in his own time and patience would be required through this process. As soon as he trusts you he will be your best friend! Waffles loves long walks and playing, especially with his toys. He knows his basic commands such as sit, stay and leave. Waffles doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs so a canine free home is required, although a home with a cat is a possibility. If you would like to find out more / express your interest in this beautiful little boy please call 01568 760033.

For more details, please visit – Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue | Facebook