A Hereford Cathedral School Sixth Former is urging his young people to join the fight against climate change at a United Nations conference this weekend.

Quinn Porter, who recently became a member of the United Nations Association Youth Platform UK, hopes that aspiring activists among his peers will sign up for Saturday’s round-table discussion on climate change, with COY16 programme co-ordinator Serena Bashal and environmental advocate Natalie Chung Sum Yue, which will take place on Zoom at 3pm.

The UNAYP provides a platform for young people to discuss international issues relevant to youth. Saturday’s event will offer young delegates the chance to learn about the grave issue of climate change, plus make connections in a networking session.

Quinn, 17, hopes that his involvement in the UNAYP will help tackle international issues relevant to young people, while providing him with invaluable life experience. He said: “I’m attracted to that life of doing something to help others.”

The aspiring social entrepreneur was a part of the HCS Young Enterprise team in 2019, and went on to establish a T-shirt printing business, Nova, during lockdown last year, with two of his YE teammates, Jake B and Freddy J.

These days, Quinn is studying hard for A-Levels in History, English Literature, French and Spanish, and he hopes to study Political Science or International Relations at university. He joined Hereford Cathedral School from Moor Park, having spent the early part of his life in Novascotia, Canada.

Anyone interested can sign up to attend the UNAYP conference at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdfP73dh2vrFQyHPBoopRly6Q_949ut201BmXQEIOBi7VOUIA/viewform