West Mercia Police have released their latest crime statistics for April 2021. We’ll be detailing them by area over the coming days.

In Hereford City Northside (Map Below), violence and sexual offences topped the list of crimes recorded, with 111 recorded during the month of April. Public order offences were next in the list, with 21 recorded and then criminal damage and arson were next on the list with 18 recorded crimes.

This map is populated with data submitted by local forces. The location of the hotspots shown on this map has been anonymised. 

Please note that not all crimes that occurred can be shown on the map. 

Map data ©2021 Google

During April 2021, two people were stopped and searched in the Hereford Northside area. One person was stopped and searched in relation to controlled drugs and the other person was searched in relation to stolen goods.

The British Transport Police are responsible for policing railways in the West Mercia Police area. View summary information for stop and searches conducted by the British Transport Police.

SOURCE: Hereford City Northside | Police.uk (www.police.uk)