Residents and staff at Gwen Walford Nursing Home came together to celebrate a remarkable milestone as Di marked her 90th birthday with a touch of feathered flair.

Her family orchestrated a surprise visit from Luke, a seasoned falconer from Wye Valley Falconry, who brought along a splendid array of winged companions.

Di’s eyes sparkled with delight as she held five distinct birds, ranging from majestic owls to formidable birds of prey.

Yet, the true highlight awaited her at the end of the experience. With a flourish, Luke unveiled a precious 4-week-old barn owl, tender and delicate. In a moment of pure magic, Di became the first individual outside its enclosure to embrace the tiny owl.

The room was filled with awe Di revelled in the unforgettable experience, surrounded by loved ones and the enchanting presence of her newfound feathered friends. As the feathers settled and the smiles lingered, Di’s 90th birthday became a treasured memory.

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