The residents and community surrounding Venns Lane, in the north of Hereford city, including students, staff and visitors to the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) have the Herefordshire Community Foundation (HCF) to thank for funding a brand new public access defibrillator.

The defibrillator, sited just outside RNC’s Reception below the car park (off Campbell Road), allows for 24-hour access in an emergency by calling 999 and getting the code to unlock the cabinet. 

‘We’re so pleased to be able to support a vital community asset in the north of our city environment,’ says HCF’s Chief Executive Officer, Bridie Sullivan.

‘Defibs help save lives so quick and easy access is key to their ability to make a difference especially out of hours.’

HCF funded three defibrillators for installation on RNC’s campus. The first is the public access machine outside RNC’s reception. The second is located next to thePoint4’s busy outdoor 4G pitch, available to anyone using the pitch, including RNC’s blind football team, local schools and sports leagues.

A third portable machine has been placed in thePoint4’s main gym which is open to members and the general public. Fortunately, a previous defibrillator placed here was used to help someone experiencing a cardiac incident. The gentleman recovered well and has returned to training at the gym, demonstrating the importance of such equipment.

Zac Brimble, Assistant Manager at thePoint4, says:

‘We have thousands of people accessing our facilities for sport and leisure every year including our own students, so we’re grateful to HCF for their support in helping us install new defibs. It’s reassuring to know they are there, should they be required.’