Hereford Community Clean Up Group Volunteers have been busy litter picking this weekend, whilst on their daily exercise and strictly in household bubbles.

Catherine Horrigan has been busy clearing litter in the Grandstand Road area of the city and she said, “Just over two hours this morning, part of Grandstand Road and side streets, plus Westfield Street and Highmore Street. Two full bags. Lots of people saying thank you and someone we met wanted to get started so I suggested she look at Stop the Drop on the Council website. Someone else wanted to make a cash donation so I suggested she finds the group on Facebook and contact Emma Jones. Real grot spot behind the One Stop which we didn’t tackle as it’s owned by the shop.”

Catherine Horrigan – Hereford Community Clean Up Group

Theresa Gibbons has been clearing litter up on the A4103 (Hereford to Worcester Road) near Whitestone. She said: “Lonesome pick near the Worcester Road from Whitestone turning to the JCB place. 1 toot toot, a cyclist shouting thankyou. a business owner saying thankyou and three residents came out from separate houses to say thankyou.”

Theresa Gibbons – Hereford Community Clean Up Group

Anne Elizabeth Jones was busy this morning litter picking in the Whittern Way area of Hereford. She said, “Change of scenery. Picked round Grandison Rise area where my son lives. 2 bags, 22 masks, 7 gloves and countless scratch cards plus the usual cans, etc. Felt quite dispirited to start but 3 people thanked me and l could see the difference. Whittern Way is awful so as Arnie would say, I’ll be back!”

Anne Elizabeth Jones – Hereford Community Clean Up Group

John Hawley collected seven bags of rubbish when litter picking in the Burcott Road area of the city. He said, “7 bags between the two of us this morning, concentrating on Burcott Road and surrounding area. A number of cars tooted and positive comments from walkers.”

You can join the group today by visiting – Hereford Community Clean Up Group | Facebook