Boris Johnson has just announced new restrictions for areas of England, with the Liverpool City area placed under strict restrictions that will see pubs and bars closed, as well as gyms, betting shops and casinos.

COVID-19 rates in Herefordshire are on the increase, but they still remain one of the lowest in the United Kingdom and therefore it is expected that restrictions here will follow those in the medium tier, which include the rule of six and the 10pm curfew.

If rates in Herefordshire were to continue to rise, the county could them be placed under high tier restrictions, which include a ban on household mixing.


The medium level will cover a significant part of England and includes the current national restrictions such as the “rule of six” and the 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.

The high level will see people prevented from socialising with other households indoors, although support bubbles will still be permitted.

Most of those areas already living under local restrictions – such as Greater Manchester and Birmingham – will move into this category.

The very high alert level will see people banned from socialising with other households both indoors and in private gardens, while bars and pubs will be closed unless they can operate as restaurants.

Residents will also be advised against travelling in and out of these areas, while it will be up local politicians as to whether other leisure venues such as gyms and casinos should also close.

However, non-essential shops, schools and universities will remain open.